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Marine range

Our marine range includes a large range of products suitable for professionals and end-user

- Guardrail nets or storage nets for boats

- High tenacity polyester bungee cords both UV and salt water resistant

- Polyester straps

Our products are specifically developed to resist to the marine environment : UV rays, salt…

Gamme marine joubert

Special hook for bungee cordQuick clipStraight bungee cord with boxwood togglesBall bungee cordPlastic hook bungee cordCarabiner stretch cordTiger bungee cordMultiple bungee cordCâble élastique PolyesterTie-down strap with zamak buckleTie-down strap with ratchet stainless steel turnbuckleTie-down strap with ratchet turnbuckleTie-down strap with ratchet turnbuckle and 2 welded fingersHauling strap